Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square

Directed by Shui-Bo Wang - 1998

Shui-Bo Wang's feature documentary is a visual autobiography of an
artist who grew up in China during the historic upheavals of the '60s,
'70s and '80s. A rich collage of original artwork and family and archival
photographs presents a personal perspective on the turbulent Cultural
Revolution and the years that followed. For Shui-Bo Wang and others
of his generation, Tiananmen Square was the central symbol of the new
China -- a society to be based on equality and cooperation. This
animated documentary artfully traces Shui-Bo's roots and his own life
journey as he struggles to sort through ideology and arrive at truth.

Produced by the
National Film Board of Canada (NFB).
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Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square, directed by Shui-Bo Wang
documentary, feature-length,
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